Jaswant Agriculture


  • Use special grain tray.

  • Used special heavy gear box.

  • Machine is fully belt operated.

  • Cutting height is adjustable.

  • All spare parts easily interchangeable.

  • Machine fills the trolley in a short time.

  • Driver has a control of pebble tray system.

  • 25% low fuel consumption according to customers than other reaper.

  • It’s components are optimally matched to make efficient use of tractor power & save fuel.


  • Heavy Duty Gear Box. Chopper is running without load.

  • Special Hand lever provided for Concave Adjustment & Operating.

  • Especially Designed Tampered Blades made of High Quality Steel.

  • Gear helps it to Work Smoothly & Efficiently.

  • Frame made of Heavy Duty Pipes.

  • Export Quality Heavy Duty Gear Box.

  • Nuts & Bolts made of High Tensile Steel.

  • Every part made with Computerized CNC machine.

  • Free Tool Kit.

  • Spares are available easily.


  • Super Seeder is a combination of Rotary Tiller & Seed Planter with press wheels. It is extensively used for planting a wide variety of seeds like wheat, soybean & grass. It is useful for removing stubble & roots of Paddy, Sugarcane, Cotton, Banana, Maize etc. of various other crops.

  • It has a simple and easy metering system that allows changing of seed varieties with less seed waste and provides assurance of better germination.

  • The metering device is designed with a combination of aluminium & cast iron for better performance & durability.

  • It is low maintenance combination of Seed Planter and Rotary Tiller which is easy to operate and handle.

  • Super Seeder is a single pass solution to fulfill current farming needs to stop crop residue burning.

  • The fluted roller type metering system is controlled by a single hand lever.

  • It can also be used as a stand-alone rotary tiller..


  • It has a Semi automatic dual speed gear box, which provides option of 2 different rotor rpm for different soil conditions and applications.

  • We can easily change the rotor speed with the lever attached , without removing the back cover of the gear box.

  • Heavy duty side gear drive in oil bath which ensures high performance in all working conditions.

  • Heavy duty spring assembly in plank which ensures perfectly leveled and finished seed bed.

  • It can loosen & aerate soil up to 7 inches deep.


Introducing the Most Unique Multi-functional Weeder – This weeder comes with integrated Rotary Weeding and Ditching Unit with dual-mode rotary movement (clockwise & anti-clockwise). This machine is powered by 10HP+ Engine for Extra Power, giving superior tiller like stability and performance. A modern machine with high built-quality, this comes with electric start with 6-speed gear box and turning axle.


  • It shreds the crop residues/grass into small pieces and spread equally on the field.

  • It is highly compatible to shred vineyards & orchard pruned materials, grass, bushes, crop residues like sugarcane trash, banana, coconut leaves, paddy straw, maize stalk as thick as 2-3 cm in diameter.

  • Bio mulch serves dual proposes, Benefits of mulching and improve overall organic structure and soil fertility after decomposition.

  • It can Shred entire cotton plant after harvesting.


  • It is designed to work in all types of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil raising and soil inversion

  • The plough has special wear-resistant steel bottoms with points for toughest ploughing jobs

  • It can handle the toughest ploughing job with excellent penetration performance

  • The under-frame clearance is adequate to cope with trashy conditions

  • Easy drawbar adjustment

  • Strong turnover axle

  • Hydraulic turnover mechanism

  • Good fuel economy


  • Reduces weed problems

  • Improves uniformity of crop maturity

  • More leveled and smooth soil surface obtained

  • Reduces the amount of water required for land preparation

  • Improved crop establishment by uniform spreading of water, seeds, fertilizers & chemicals

  • Hassle-free, reliable, effective & easy to operate power mast which saves both time & energy

  • More uniform moisture environment for crops. Reduced consumption of seeds, fertilizers, chemical and fuel


  • The zero till consists of a seed box, fertilizer box, seed and fertilizer metering mechanisms, seed tubes, furrow openers, seed and fertilizer rate adjusting lever and transport cum power transmitting wheels.

  • The length of the grooves exposed to the seed, can be increased or decreased and hence the amount of seed sown can be varied.

  • Made from heavy structure and gauge sheets.

  • Adjustable flow of fertilizer through knob.

  • Used for sowing seeds of all kind of crops.


  • Save Fuel Time

  • Good Germination

  • Improved Soil Health

  • Environment Friendly

  • Proper Distribution of Seeds fertilizer

  • Crop residue as much helps in moisture and temperature conservation


  • Plaster disc reversing for corner ridge

  • Enclosed chain transmission case

  • Depth Adjustment for plaster disc

  • Prevents Excessive Waste of Material

  • Making the surface smooth and clean


  • Long Piston Stroke

  • Proven Binding Kit

  • Density Regulation

  • Wide Feeding Opening

  • Long Chamber

  • Powerful Transmission


  • 540/1000 Rpm Castting Gearbox In Centre And Cutting Unit

  • Electronically Balanced Cutting Drums And Flywheel

  • 12 Cutting Blades Of Boron Steel

  • Automatic Knives Sharpening

  • Safety Guards And Devices

  • 60 Degree Rotating Exhaust Chute

  • Foldable Frame For Easy Transport

  • Rear Link For Trolley Attachment


The Reaper-Binder is driven by the power-take-off drive of the tractor and easily attached to the tractor. It is a practical machine which is easy to operated and it reaps and binds the crops such as wheat, paddy and millets, it even leaves them collectively on the farm at regular intervals.The speed of Machine Depends on The Conditions Of land and plant status. working speed affects the capacity, for this reason values of capacity according to the optimum of all working speeds are given in table. The working speed of the reaper binder is 3-5 Km/hr.